ALLBI Cash is the future of payments in the ALLBESTICO Family!

With ALLBI Cash you can pay for any project created by the ALLBESTICO Family!

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Welcome to the ALLBI Cash (ALLBIH)

ALLBI Cash (ALLBIH) was created to support the operation of the project! ALLBI Cash is the future of payments in the ALLBESTICO family! We have created this token so our clients can have more alternatives in how they pay for our projects.


ALLBI Cash (ALLBIH) gives you the opportunity to choose!

ALLBI is fully responsive for payments related to the creation of cryptocurrencies. The only way to create your own cryptocurrency through is by paying with ALLBI. On the other hand, with ALLBI Cash you can pay for all newly created projects.

1. Log into the site
2. Select the project from which you are interested
3. Pay with ALLBI Cash (ALLBIH)

ALLBI Cash aims to create a community of innovative projects whose services can be paid for with ALLBI Cash!

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How it Works

ALLBI Cash - The future of Payment!

Our goal is to integrate ALLBI Cash into all our projects. In addition, we will negotiate with other partners to integrate ALLBI Cash as a payment method into their systems.

Lowest Cost

When you use ALLBI Cash you will receive between 10% and 90% lower price for the service!


By using our payment system, you will interact with people in our community, and this can lead to sustainable partnership and security!

Fast Blockchain

ALLBI Cash is an ERC 20 Token. This guarantees fast translations and accurate work!

Promotional prices:

Pay your ALLBIH Tokens on Address:


After payment send to our Email: the following information:
- send transaction information: Txn Hash
- send your email address registered on our site:
  • Pre-Sale starts

  • Pre-Sale End

  • ALLBI Cash

  • Ethereum Blockchain

    ERC 20 Standard!
Token Details

Token Distribution


  • ICO Token Sales

  • Sold Globaly

  • Reserve Fund

  • 10%

    ICO Program

  • 5%

    Pre sale Token

  • 15%

    Team Advisor


  • Community

  • Reserve Fund

  • 5%

    Team Advisor

  • 15%

    Sold globaly

ALLBI Cash Roadmap

We have many tasks to accomplish over time. The main working moments and their time frames are:

September, 2019


Starting ALLBI Cash at LIVECOIN!

December, 2019


Integrating ALLBI Cash as a payment method in different projects!

June, 2020

Advertising and Extension

Investing in advertising and expanding partnerships!

December, 2020

New technologies

Integration of new payment technologies with ALLBI Cash


Meet some of the leaders of our great team:

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Plamen Vasilev-Paco

CEO & Founder
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Ivo Dimitrov

Chief Advisor
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Anzhel Milenov

COO & Founder
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Encho Sharabov

Lawyer and consultant
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Borislav Stoikov

BlockChain Architecture
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Tsvetelina Stefanova

Advisory board (pro-bono)

Frequently Asked Questions

To understand how it works ALLBI Cash should be familiar with the work of

Once you sign up to our website, you will be given a field where you need to enter your Ethereum Address. After entering your Ethereum Address, within a few hours you will receive a +100 ALLBI Tokens Bonus which will be reflected in your balance. Your ALLBI Tokens will remain in your possession whether you decide to create your own crypto project or not! You can enter your Cryptocurrency parameters whenever you like, or you can decide not to create your own cryptocurrency and own your ALLBI Tokens for investment purposes only. If you choose to create your Crypto project, you must select your Cryptocurrency Project parameters - (name, number of characters, site name ... etc.).

We will create your project and integrate it into our system. Once we've done everything for you, we're sending you important information that will allow you to control and develop your project yourself!

This is where ALLBI Cash intervenes, it will be a means of payment to your project! Its purpose is our community to reach your services as easily as possible! Of course you will also be able to choose to be able to pay in your project with your new tokens, but ALLBI Cash will be an additional option!

Payments are only made in Ethereum or ALLBI (Phase II and III)! You must make a payment to our Ethereum or ALLBI Address, which is listed in your account. Detailed information is provided in your account, and payment can only be made on the prices listed in the Promotions PHASE I, II and III. Once you have made the payment to the specified Ethereum or ALLBI Address - according to PHASE I, II and III our team will be at your disposal at any time to start working together on your Cryptocurrency and Project!

Once you receive ALLBI Tokens in your profile, they will not be taken away. Over time, you can decide how to use your ALLBI Tokens. With the development of our system, you will be able to -> use your ALLBI Tokens to make payments to other projects created on our system -> to sell your ALLBI Tokens to other peers directly from your profile -> without using intermediaries or having commissions. Of course -> you will also be able to sell your ALLBI Tokens on different cryptocurrency exchanges – see Whitepaper!

You can create up to a maximum of three Cryptocurrency projects using our system. We have set this limit, because our goal is to enable more people to create their own Cryptocurrency Projects (ICOs) through our system. Furthermore, we believe that three Cryptocurrency projects will more than likely guarantee you success! With our help, we believe that every project is worthwhile, and the consumers will enjoy working on developing their own projects. And now – Sign up and enjoy it! Good Luck!